Yoga Wednesday

As Wednesday approached, I was 6 days into developing a routine of running/or walking. Even though it has been a slow start, it still has been a challenge for me to get back to my cardio self. I know 6 days doesn’t seem like much but for me it is progress. In the past I have been both successful and I have also experienced failure. By combining both, I am developing a flexible plan to meet my own personal physical needs.

Last year when I learned of my bulged herniated disc in my lower lumbar area, I also learned I have been suffering from osteoarthritis in multiple parts of my body. For this reason, it is critical that I practice self-awareness to promote a no injury workout.

I have discussed running with my doctor as well as my neurosurgeon and in my early stages of osteoarthritis it’s all about balancing a routine. Because I no longer have the luxury to push myself to the fullest, I have incorporated yoga as part of my recovery. I was first introduced to yoga last year by my doctor. It was recommended to help alleviate pain. Sometimes it is difficult to find the time but the consequences of not finding the time will impact my running goals and prevent me from succeeding.

“Yoga with Adrienne”, is definitely my go to yoga tool. The tone of her voice is calming and she has a way of relaxing both my body and mind. The breathing alone has been a huge benefit for me. When I first started, the breathing took some time to get use to. I am always in a rush so it took a few sessions to be comfortable with my own breathe. The breathing has also helped reduce my anxiety level.

Some days I do freestyle yoga and some days I target my bodies needs. The YouTube clip above is what I have used in the past and will continue to use when I need some extra attention in my back, hip and hamstring areas. As Adrienne encourages you to go at your own pace, she suggests multiple modifications to meet your level of yoga. Keeping a balance is important. As I move forward, I will continue to introduce new workouts/or yoga clips in an effort to increase my success.

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