Week 2

Slow Progress Is Still Progress – The Soulful Nib

As I finish the first 2 weeks of tracking, I am reflecting on my speed, my mileage and my motivation. At 2 weeks, I have logged 50.05 miles so far. This is a great start! My speed is nothing to brag about but it’s definitely progress. In comparison to last year around this time, I have more miles however it is with less actual running. I need to constantly remind myself that the speed will come and to not feel discouraged. Sometimes you need to walk in order to stay in the game with no injuries!

Today was a weigh in day for me. I have decided to post my progress on designated days. My commitment to myself and this blog is to weigh in on the 1st and the 15th of every month.

Weigh ins went well this morning. There was not a lot of pounds shed but more inches lost, which in hind sight is good but it’s always nice to see the scale move too. In the past, this has always caused me to lose motivation, let’s try not to let this happen again (I remind myself). As of right now, I am not on a special diet, I basically try to fuel myself with food that will allow me to not lose motivation and to help me to keep moving forward with my running goals. This has really helped me, if I eat bad, I’ll feel bad.

For weigh in information, please check back at my “Progress” page in the menu.

In the past 2 weeks I have attempted to develop a running/walking schedule in order to stay on track with my 2021k goals. Since then, I have also registered for some additional runs to help keep me moving and to increase my mileage as well as speed. For more information on these organized runs, please see my “Events” page. Registering for runs has always kept me on track in the past, I just need to make time for them. Making it past January with my motivation in tact is the goal right now and having this blog has really allowed me to move forward. No regrets.

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