I Have a Dream Running Challenge

My First Even of 2021

Today I completed my first running event of the year! I had up until March 7th to complete the virtual challenge but without really thinking about it, I decided to complete it today. No better day to run this challenge than on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

I would have ran with my shirt/medal but they are actually in the mail and have not arrived yet. The picture above is my running completion certificate. I was registered for the 5k run, which is 3.10 miles. Although this was not my best 5k run, I am proud to report that I completed this run without stopping. It has been a while since I could run this amount of distance, nonstop. It felt good to run with no pain, finally! The yoga and stretching have paid off!

These virtual runs are a little lonely but they are still well worth the effort. I miss running with a crowd of people cheering you on, hopefully we can get that back real soon. I was still able to log in and see everyone else who ran today and compare myself to others. I need to be careful when comparing though, there are a lot of advanced runners out there! I am happy to see what my next 5k result will be. I will continue to train and build my speed. I am hoping the next one is under 35 minutes. Stay tuned!

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