January 2021

Now that January is over, it is time to document this months accomplishments and set backs. The purpose of logging is to be able to hold myself accountable while making new goals for February. This will give me a chance to reflect and move forward. I started this year keeping track of mileage, yoga, eating out and alcohol/water intake. This post will reveal all outcomes.


  • Total Mileage for January is 105 Miles
  • Longest Mileage while Running/or Walking is 7 Miles
  • Longest Mileage, Running Only is 4 Miles
  • Completed 5K (Organized Run)

Note: This was a great start for my first month and I am proud. I will focus on increasing mileage & speed for February. I will also complete another 5K (Organized Run). Go slow but push a little harder. During January, my shins and my right leg has some pain where I needed to rest more than I would have liked however I am still on target to complete 2021k this year. Great start!


  • 2 Yoga Sessions Completed
  • Freestyle Yoga Completed Weekly

Note: Set a goal to increase yoga to help with recovery and to prevent injuries.

Eating Out

Restaurant/or Food TypeMealHow Many Times
My Garden CafeBreakfast2
Panda ExpressDinner1
In & OutDinner1
Mexican RestaurantLunch1
Fresh ForkLunch1
McDonald’s Breakfast/or Dinner5
Taco BellLunch1

Note: Not all eating out was bad. Some orders were more healthier that others, As I move forward, I will focus on my McDonald’s food, Panda Express & Pizza.

Alcohol/Water Intake

  • 25 Beers
  • Minimum Daily Water Intake is 64 oz.
  • Maximum Daily Water Intake is 128 oz.

Note: My water intake is definitely on target. I noticed the days I drank alcohol, I had less water (something to remember). The 25 beers I drank were over 5 days. Work to decrease alcohol consumption when choosing to unwind with a beer.

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