February Goals

“Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there”.

Bo Jackson

Mileage Goal – 105 Miles

  • Incorporate 30 minute running sessions at least 3 days during the work week (morning/evening)
  • Utilize breaks/lunches at work everyday (Monday-Friday)
  • Incorporate one day a week to complete the long run (Sunday)
  • Listen to your body and rest when needed
  • Be okay with taking a day to do nothing if needed

Note: Mileage goal is the same total total as January. No increase due to February being a short month.

Yoga – One Weekly Video Session

  • Designate one day a week to commit to a yoga video session (Wednesday) & post about it
  • Continue to do freestyle yoga stretches as needed

Decrease Eating Out – No Chip Eating

  • Grocery shop on the weekends
  • Plan meals ahead of time
  • Commit to bringing lunch to work
  • Eat breakfast at home before going to work
  • Limiting alcohol intake with help with the munchies
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time to allow plenty of rest for cooking meals, be less tired
  • Be creative when cooking
  • Do not deprive yourself, indulge when needed
  • Chips are your enemy, do not buy chips

Note: You ate out 16 times in January. This month’s goal will be to cut that in half. The limit for eating out this month is 8!!!

Decrease Alcohol Intake

  • Decrease number of alcoholic beverages in a setting
  • Be creative while increasing water intake
  • Do not buy alcohol during the week
  • Don’t force the drinking
  • Read your alcohol book again
  • Use alternatives to substitute alcohol

Water Intake – Daily Minimum is 96

  • Use water jugs to measure water intake
  • Drink 32 oz before work every morning
  • Drink 64 oz at work everyday
  • Do not allow water to get boring, be creative with fresh flavoring

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