My First Blog Post

Why have I finally decided to post on my blog that was created in December of 2019

When I first set out to start this blog it was to inspire myself and anyone else who would listen. The truth of the matter is, I LOVE to RUN! I need to run! It is my passion in life that makes me feel like I can do anything.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and just like so many others I have allowed life to get in the way of my true passion. When I first started this blog in 2019, I was on a mission to run my first marathon in 2020! This has always been my goal except I wanted to run it before I had turned 40 (too bad so sad).

Now, I don’t really consider myself an avid runner however it is something that I really love. Whether I was healthy or not, I have always kept at it. I have completed numerous organized runs including 2 half marathons, but never a full marathon. I swore 2020 was going to be my year!!! Needless to say, 2020 was not much of anybody’s year. In an effort to keep this brief, here is a rundown of my training for the marathon in 2020, at least from what I can remember.

2020 Rundown

  • January was naturally a good month to start, (typical New Years resolution) I was eating somewhat healthy, reading a few running books to inspire me and doing my thing on the track (running outdoors/or treadmill). I had even taken my measurements and locked in my weight (162 lbs.) Yikes! I started the year in the worst shape of my life. If you are thinking this weight is not that bad, consider my height, 4′ 11″. Technically, I was considered obese.
  • February-March was a blur because I wasn’t tracking my progress. Fatigue was at a high and I was drinking a ton of alcohol, I guess you can say I was making up for lost time. Just a tiny bit of history about me, I love to drink beer, eat pizza and watch football! Once I get going, I’m usually at the point of no return, but I survive. By the time March was over, COVID hit and I knew I wanted to make a change in order to stay healthy.
  • April-June I was doing well. I had decided to cut out alcohol entirely and started running again. My motivation was back and I was going to stay committed. Somewhere during this time though, there was a mountain lion spotted in my yard. I seen it on the news and said, OMG that is my house and there is a mountain lion right by my car. I remember it was morning and the sun was coming up. After that, I was frightened to set foot outside. The mornings were my peak running times and I was traumatized but very grateful that I was too sore to run that morning.
  • July-Mid November was my worst. I had stopped running because of the mountain lion sightings and soon after I had developed some unexpected back pain which put me out of work until the middle of November. I ended up having a bulged herniated disc in my lower back and my nerves down both legs had been affected. I had never felt pain like that in my life. Due to COVID, my marathon was postponed until October of 2021. Either way, I was in no shape to do any runs for a while. The neurosurgeon said I would run again and it would be okay, he said I would be able to train soon for my 2021 marathon. A sense of relief set in and although I was impatient, I felt content that I would run again.
  • December was a chill month for me. My therapy, yoga and the epidural spinal injections helped alleviate the pain. I took a lot of time to recover while listening to my body, for once! I started having a few beers here and there but nothing over the top to keep me out of the game. At that point, I had been sober for 8 months and I was feeling good. Obviously, with COVID, there was more to my year than just the bullet points here. I can go on and on about the horrific year that has taken a toll on so many, including my own family, but instead I am going to commit to staying focused toward my mission and my point for this blog and that is to RUN.

My Mission

I am registered for the Long Beach, CA 2021 Marathon! I am feeling good and my mission is to keep this blog as a journal, track my progress (good or bad) and really hold myself accountable with each action throughout my journey.

Goals to Self:

  • Be committed to myself by getting back up, even when I feel like a failure
  • Be honest to myself by being honest to this blog
  • Be positive with each day, good or bad
  • Be comfortable with allowing my body to go at its own pace, no injuries please
  • Be consistent with posting at least weekly, even if it’s just a quick check in. It’s all about the journey and tracking progress
  • Be grateful and remember what it was like to not have the ability to walk, drive, get out of bed and the most terrible of them all to RUN
  • Be proud of all of the accomplishments that you will achieve in your journey
  • Be aware that the challenge is tough and learn from the mistakes you know are inevitable

January 01, 2021 – Day 1

Along with the Long Beach, CA Marathon, I have also registered for a virtual run that will literally take me all year to complete. The goal of the virtual run is to complete 2021k by 12/31/2021. Once completed, I will receive my recognition medal. This run will be the base of my training.

Today, I weighed in and took my measurements. I have managed to keep off 8.4 pounds and 6.75 inches since last years results. Even though it doesn’t seem like much, it is progress. I am starting off better than I was last year and that is something to be proud of. Today, I logged 3.5 miles and I am feeling hopeful.

Yoga Wednesday

This week’s Yoga video was inspired by the much needed courage, strength and motivation for the work week. This video aloud me to take in all the positive breath and exhale all the negative energy. It helps keep my mind clear and focused. Yoga is awesome for keeping a positive outlook on life and I am so grateful to have found something that makes me feel calm, relaxed and successful. This one has a lot of planks and downward facing dog, so be sure you are ready!

Yoga Wednesday

Feeling good so far this week. This weeks “Yoga with Adriene” is called “Root to Rise”, which has allowed me to focus on building a foundation for stability. When doing yoga I tend do we kind of wobbly so this video really helped me establish some type of balance. At least this is how I felt.
Lots of breathing for a calm relaxing mood, then she gets into some advanced poses while you focus on maintaining balance. A wall or chair will help if you struggle like I do! 

Yoga Wednesday

This week’s yoga video is devoted to a runner’s recovery. My legs have been really sore lately, even with me doing more walking then running. I continuously roll out my legs and hips but I am still suffering quite a bit. I am turning to yoga for some stress free recovery.

I enjoyed this video a lot! I got some new stretches in and finally got my back to crack! Relief!!!

Yoga Wednesday

As part of my February goals, I have committed to tracking at least one yoga video per week. I have dedicated Wednesday to be my yoga day! After doing some research, I have came to the conclusion that my weak hips and weak core are the cause for my increased pain in my shins. Today’s video was dedicated to my hips and hamstrings. The video, “Yoga with Adrienne” also introduced some light core stretches. Although this video was a little advanced for me, it really helped open up my hips and offered a very generous stretch causing my hips to crack and release some pressure. I would recommend the video for individuals who are more advanced in their yoga practice. Check it out below if your interested.

February Goals

“Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there”.

Bo Jackson

Mileage Goal – 105 Miles

  • Incorporate 30 minute running sessions at least 3 days during the work week (morning/evening)
  • Utilize breaks/lunches at work everyday (Monday-Friday)
  • Incorporate one day a week to complete the long run (Sunday)
  • Listen to your body and rest when needed
  • Be okay with taking a day to do nothing if needed

Note: Mileage goal is the same total total as January. No increase due to February being a short month.

Yoga – One Weekly Video Session

  • Designate one day a week to commit to a yoga video session (Wednesday) & post about it
  • Continue to do freestyle yoga stretches as needed

Decrease Eating Out – No Chip Eating

  • Grocery shop on the weekends
  • Plan meals ahead of time
  • Commit to bringing lunch to work
  • Eat breakfast at home before going to work
  • Limiting alcohol intake with help with the munchies
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time to allow plenty of rest for cooking meals, be less tired
  • Be creative when cooking
  • Do not deprive yourself, indulge when needed
  • Chips are your enemy, do not buy chips

Note: You ate out 16 times in January. This month’s goal will be to cut that in half. The limit for eating out this month is 8!!!

Decrease Alcohol Intake

  • Decrease number of alcoholic beverages in a setting
  • Be creative while increasing water intake
  • Do not buy alcohol during the week
  • Don’t force the drinking
  • Read your alcohol book again
  • Use alternatives to substitute alcohol

Water Intake – Daily Minimum is 96

  • Use water jugs to measure water intake
  • Drink 32 oz before work every morning
  • Drink 64 oz at work everyday
  • Do not allow water to get boring, be creative with fresh flavoring

January 2021

Now that January is over, it is time to document this months accomplishments and set backs. The purpose of logging is to be able to hold myself accountable while making new goals for February. This will give me a chance to reflect and move forward. I started this year keeping track of mileage, yoga, eating out and alcohol/water intake. This post will reveal all outcomes.


  • Total Mileage for January is 105 Miles
  • Longest Mileage while Running/or Walking is 7 Miles
  • Longest Mileage, Running Only is 4 Miles
  • Completed 5K (Organized Run)

Note: This was a great start for my first month and I am proud. I will focus on increasing mileage & speed for February. I will also complete another 5K (Organized Run). Go slow but push a little harder. During January, my shins and my right leg has some pain where I needed to rest more than I would have liked however I am still on target to complete 2021k this year. Great start!


  • 2 Yoga Sessions Completed
  • Freestyle Yoga Completed Weekly

Note: Set a goal to increase yoga to help with recovery and to prevent injuries.

Eating Out

Restaurant/or Food TypeMealHow Many Times
My Garden CafeBreakfast2
Panda ExpressDinner1
In & OutDinner1
Mexican RestaurantLunch1
Fresh ForkLunch1
McDonald’s Breakfast/or Dinner5
Taco BellLunch1

Note: Not all eating out was bad. Some orders were more healthier that others, As I move forward, I will focus on my McDonald’s food, Panda Express & Pizza.

Alcohol/Water Intake

  • 25 Beers
  • Minimum Daily Water Intake is 64 oz.
  • Maximum Daily Water Intake is 128 oz.

Note: My water intake is definitely on target. I noticed the days I drank alcohol, I had less water (something to remember). The 25 beers I drank were over 5 days. Work to decrease alcohol consumption when choosing to unwind with a beer.

Saturday Night

It’s been a about a week since I last posted anything, so tonight it’s all about keeping the momentum alive and staying committed to my goals!

As I am nearing the end of my first month of getting back in the running scene I have been reflecting on my achievements and my set backs this month. It’s important that I call them set backs and not regrets because they serve as a reminder of what I need to work on for my February goals.

It has been difficult logging mileage with the rain and the dreadful treadmill, however I have managed to power through it. Tomorrow will be the day to document my full reflections, but for now I close out tonight with a photo on how I am feeling at this very moment.

The BEST Running Memes - Run Eat Repeat

I Have a Dream Running Challenge

My First Even of 2021

Today I completed my first running event of the year! I had up until March 7th to complete the virtual challenge but without really thinking about it, I decided to complete it today. No better day to run this challenge than on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

I would have ran with my shirt/medal but they are actually in the mail and have not arrived yet. The picture above is my running completion certificate. I was registered for the 5k run, which is 3.10 miles. Although this was not my best 5k run, I am proud to report that I completed this run without stopping. It has been a while since I could run this amount of distance, nonstop. It felt good to run with no pain, finally! The yoga and stretching have paid off!

These virtual runs are a little lonely but they are still well worth the effort. I miss running with a crowd of people cheering you on, hopefully we can get that back real soon. I was still able to log in and see everyone else who ran today and compare myself to others. I need to be careful when comparing though, there are a lot of advanced runners out there! I am happy to see what my next 5k result will be. I will continue to train and build my speed. I am hoping the next one is under 35 minutes. Stay tuned!

Week 2

Slow Progress Is Still Progress – The Soulful Nib

As I finish the first 2 weeks of tracking, I am reflecting on my speed, my mileage and my motivation. At 2 weeks, I have logged 50.05 miles so far. This is a great start! My speed is nothing to brag about but it’s definitely progress. In comparison to last year around this time, I have more miles however it is with less actual running. I need to constantly remind myself that the speed will come and to not feel discouraged. Sometimes you need to walk in order to stay in the game with no injuries!

Today was a weigh in day for me. I have decided to post my progress on designated days. My commitment to myself and this blog is to weigh in on the 1st and the 15th of every month.

Weigh ins went well this morning. There was not a lot of pounds shed but more inches lost, which in hind sight is good but it’s always nice to see the scale move too. In the past, this has always caused me to lose motivation, let’s try not to let this happen again (I remind myself). As of right now, I am not on a special diet, I basically try to fuel myself with food that will allow me to not lose motivation and to help me to keep moving forward with my running goals. This has really helped me, if I eat bad, I’ll feel bad.

For weigh in information, please check back at my “Progress” page in the menu.

In the past 2 weeks I have attempted to develop a running/walking schedule in order to stay on track with my 2021k goals. Since then, I have also registered for some additional runs to help keep me moving and to increase my mileage as well as speed. For more information on these organized runs, please see my “Events” page. Registering for runs has always kept me on track in the past, I just need to make time for them. Making it past January with my motivation in tact is the goal right now and having this blog has really allowed me to move forward. No regrets.